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 Human Ethics & Money



There are somethings money cant buy like manners morals and integrity …. so goes the saying and I totally agree with it but I question how indifferent and complacent we are as human beings to how money has been ruling us and changing human ethics. And as the great Nobel Peace prize winner Eliezer Wiesel says  “There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.”

Money talks and how…

Education to employment and even health care and all welfare services are about money first.Even a decent old age home come to retire gracefully comes at a price.

Without ability to pay a lumpsum as fees you cannot dream of going abroad to study. And the home scene is all about donations for a seat in many top institutions. Transperency in operations is still a long long way from home.

Yes money was invented by humans as they evolved and it has changed the way we evolved in time. The value we have for money as it can get  what we need is also understandable. But often humanity is forsaken for a few dollars more.

Feel like sharing a few musings by my mother on money…and changing times.

“All these great talks about money, that money can’t buy you happiness, health or money is not everything, or you can’t take a single coin with you when you die and so on…So many other such talks all must have perhaps preached or heard. Very very true meaningful advice indeed but all these are true when you have enough money, if not excess, with you.

Otherwise for all the unfortunate have nots, money is everything. Their thoughts revolves  24/7 around how to pay for the next meal, pending bills, rents, fees and other basic necessities, future security disturbing their sleep, relationships, health, happiness and above all mental peace.

Even so many spiritual leaders who live a lavish life style and advice the masses the transient nature of NATURE , do so only to those who can afford their hefty fees and donations for their charities  etc.

In today’s world nothing comes free… Love,affection, family values, respect in family and society, good health all are  turning to be money oriented.  Though death may come free the proceeding rituals need money, that too a lot…
Prayer is one thing that is so private between you and God. sadly you can’t even go near HIM without money. Take the case of certain holy shrines charging a fee for a darshan.

Fortunate are the few who realize that he resides in you and everywhere. You can have a prayer just as powerful wherever you are, as in the powerhouses of all divine places which have many a times been converted into commercial praying places where the divinity continue to have their positive vibes but are readily available up close only to those who can afford. Status quo everywhere seems to be decided by money potential.
In the present scenario money power, like air, is everywhere.

Gradually the whole society is becoming money centric. How has it happened? What brought this change in the attitude of the whole society and who is responsible? “

Any answers?

Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

6 thoughts on “ Human Ethics & Money

  1. It is inevitable in the midst of materialistic frenzy!

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  2. Everything that needs to be said, that I want to say, and that is true; sounds awful but not crazy and We all know it. I found out in my first years of college; where, by default my major became Economics. My Prof. was a renowned female economist who offered great learning opportunity. But after 2 years, this training was all about calculus. The calculus of exploiting everything; money, resources and by unspoken, or by unrecognized default; the exploitation of all life; which results from putting a price on everything.
    What is a tree worth? Or a person? All these questions become easily answered by supplanting ethics with a valuation theory of supply & demand. In that way Capitalism becomes a kind of religion. A false, blind, corrupt, religion. And so too it becomes an exploitative cult, unknowingly pursued by most of the elite rich and their slaves.
    It sound so cynical, but it’s just the facts and probably not the worst of it. Now I believe the corrective required is simply the wisdom of a proper, moral, valuation theory. Every sentient live is priceless, one is not greater than another. Leadership requires wisdom not power. True love is wisdom and can not be bought. I don’t want to write a book, but this could be the start of one, which you’re welcome to continue; to complete; in your life .

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    • Thank you for your heartfelt shares of your college life and how it influenced your thoughts on living here Beema Noel. I happened to study American Political system at my Masters level. But I was then drawn more to study the works of great thinkers like Aristotle, Plato ,Socretes etc And I couldnt agree more with you where you mention… “Every sentient life is priceless one is not greater than another.”
      And also that ‘true leadership requires wisdom not power.’ Thank you for your thoughtful, kind and supportive words to my posts.


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