Savvy Raj

Live Life Lovingly!


Light of Life.

In the vastness of the dark
A single candle makes a difference
It illuminates and creates interest
It draws attention and focus
For it casts a riveting spell
It attracts life towards it
For it is light of Life itself.

Light and dark
Fill the void
With their own potential
There is much that is yet dark
Yet even a glimmer of light
Sends out a message there is hope

The purpose of light
Is to shine on its path
In spite of the darkness
The essence of light
Is never hidden too long
Although the light
May cross paths with darkness

The nature of light
Is to shine on…
No matter the darkness
For it cannot remain
Too long in the pocket
Suppressed or subdued.

It shares from wherever it can
In every direction and distance
And when it stir up on some reflections
And has pushed those shadows behind
It knows it has fulfilled its presence

Light is all encompassing
All allowing and fearless
Lighting paths of darkness
In clarity and understanding

In the utter dark of the night
Its presence needs a little wait
In both patience and perseverance
To envision the mighty rays
The dawn of its true potential

In Lighting the hearts
Aflame in purpose
In beauty of the envisioning…
The potential of possibilities

Light of Life
You are on your own
From the moment you birth
And you are enough for you


This poem is a reflection of my thoughts after reading my good friend Anne Copeland’s verses on Lady of Light. .And while you are there you should also check out her very interesting blog All In a Days Breath.


Beyond Passion 


Beyond passion is a light,
Of  love and dedication.
Make that light lead the way,
Move beyond the pursuit of passion.

As passion can be blinding,
Create rifts and indifference.
Arise from love and light,
Allow yourself to be lead in love.

 In each tomorrow care to lovingly envision      Let yourself commune with light, give a way

As unlike the shades of passion
Glory of  light will never lead you astray !

Savvy Raj

Your purpose is ordained and your passion is entwined with the light of your being . Moving beyond passion  reveals the impassioned strength of the soulfulness.

In my painting above titled ‘Emergence’  I use red to depict the colour of passion at play and the blue streaks as a balance factor interspersed with the greys depicting ( the rifts and strifes) the shades and tones  of colours in our life , taking us through the crossroads in our journey of discovering the self. The purpose of being I choose to  depict the white  background as‘Light,’ which  is after all the’ Eternal truth of the Being’.

Felt I must leave this painting a little raw as all the answers we seek , ‘is  was and will be ‘with us if we choose to see beyond the tinted glasses and acknowledge the glorious light that we actually are.

As inspite of the disarray and chaos  that it portrays, if we choose to see beyond the games of passion …

All is truly Light ‘

Be Light

Feel Light

Live light,

Love Light

Light up Life in Loving Light !

  Savvy Raj


The light of your being

Light within your being

Is often enveloped in darkness

Acknowlege this divine guide within

Recognise its strength of purpose

And allow it to surface in time.

Like night gives into day

Darkness gives way to light

Trust the light of your being

Let it lead your way!

Was watching this lamp in my above photograph,  hanging in the room, emitting a gentle glow all around and sensed how similar we are to this lamp…. we often switch off ourselves from sensing our own inner light of being and assume momentary chaos and confusion of darkness to be a permanent situation.  A lit lamp is truly a beautiful reminder to our self to sense the light of our own being.

 Savvy Raj