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5 Tips for Cultivating Self-Confidence 



yes you can

Sense Confidence… It matters! Savvy Raj




Change is the only constant. Highs and lows are part of life and living but very often when they are internalised subconsciously they get projected outward by your behavioural traits. They are then one of the parameters of how you are perceived in the world.

Developing an attitude to grow and evolve is a commitment to the self and valuing the importance of awareness.  In an extremely competitive and complex world that we live in today, our attitudes and behaviour can make or mar our personal growth. Often we are witness to dwindling self-confidence and self-worth and self-esteem issues in life.

Realising personal strengths and working with them by cultivating a great attitude is the key to imbibing self-confidence. 

And Yes You Can!

1:  List your strengths: 

Yes make an effort right now and make a  list of your strengths. If you feel there is none that you can see on your own then ask your close friends and family to mention it to you. CREATE THE LIST.

2: Stop comparing & believe in yourself:

Realise that you are different and that is often your best strength. Comparing oneself to another is travelling on a hopeless road to destruction. Latch on to your best self and believe in your authentic nature. Notice, nurture and know your good points. You are not in competition with anyone but yourself.

 3: Learn to say no:

There is no room for emotional blackmail and self-sabotaging behaviour by agreeing to everything and everyone in order to keep them in a happy space all the time. Your life matters and your happiness counts. Remember always you are important for you.

4: Approve of yourself and stop self-criticism: 

Take steps to care for your well being. Indulge in some free time just for yourself and choose the way you wish to spend it. Being assertive about your needs gives you an edge of certainty.


 Self-empowerment  is the key 

Take care of your body mind and spirit.  Trust yourself more. Choose to celebrate your accomplishments But keep that head of yours firmly on your shoulder and walk knowing you are in touch with the ground.  Be balanced and learn to be assertive whenever needed, it empowers you with confidence. And you will soon be projecting it.

5: Adopt a positive body language:

Accept yourself with your shortcomings remember no one is perfect. Then decide to avoid negative self-talks and choose to self-motivate yourself every day! Spend time with positive-minded people.  Avoid sentimental bullies. Do not mull in loneliness.


Live every moment the best you can. Because You Can!

You have but one life … make it your best!

 Savvy Raj 

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Wellness Mentor, Dance Educator & Trainer Motivational Speaker, Freelance Designer

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Author: Savvy Raj

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