Savvy Raj

Live Life Lovingly!


Paradox of Beauty

Arrested Development

Great things can come in little packages
Like a Bonsai perhaps
Standing majestic and magnificent
No matter the proportions

But what does it endure to be?
Life without freedom
Is a life of constraints & restraints
A life of arrested development

Is beauty winning over freedom to be
Is the desire for aesthetics and a taste of experimentation
more important than freedom for living life fully
Stunting growth is no way beautiful
Be it Shackles on feet with chains or tight shoes in the name of beauty
On the other end there are many examples of prejudices of beauty working itself in society.
Delibrate acts of elongating necks with chains of gold is considered a norm in some parts of the world
Why is life so brutal to life
In the name of beauty?





Power of Hands

Love of art, can build bridges..

6 bridges in Venice – Wisdom, hope, love, help, faith & friendship šŸ‡®šŸ‡¹

By sculptor Lorenzo Quinn.

ā€œThe hand holds so much power ā€“ the power to love, to hate, to create, to destroy.ā€ šŸ‘‰


On Success

History is replete with stories
Of both success and failures
In the circle of life and living.
Defeats can be lifes greatest learnings
Of being able to face failures.

Great thinkers ,scientists, sportsmen
Handle many defeats before true success.
Failure can be a great teacher
Of what to expect on the road to success.
It can make success feel sweeter.

Success is in each of us
Awaiting a discovery
An unearthing of potential
To sense lifeā€™s possibilities

True success is the knowing
In your heart of contentment
Of a life well lived and loved
Success is who you are