Savvy Raj

Live Life Lovingly!



Heart of the tree

A vision that made me happy today

Cheer fills the air

Sun kissed leaves shining bright

The ground feels delightfully cool

Under the giant canopy

Fresh breeze and heady fragrance wafting through

Life is truly fine and well

Under this giant tree….



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

2 thoughts on “Joy!

  1. Oh Dear Savvy How A Tree is Such
    An Everlasting Symbol For All

    That is Life Now Yes
    And Existence Whole

    Remembering A Tree Again
    of My Life Grounding me through

    Decades of Oh So Cold Mechanical
    Cognition of Work All Lit Up At Night

    With Strings oF LiGHT Truly A Worship
    At the Feet of Leaves The Roots That Grow

    Green So Tall
    Even Falling
    Brown to Fertilize

    All that Sprouts
    of Spring Again Sadly

    Then Hurricane Ivan
    Tore Our Tree Down All
    That Was Left A Stump of
    Once Living Oak So Tall and Strong

    Yet A Twig A Branch Grew From Stump
    Below And i Talked My Wife into Leaving

    it A Chance to Live Again And Verily So True

    A Tree Wider And More Varied Than Ever Before

    As It’s True the
    Ocean Grows
    Whole For

    Waves to
    Water Our Lives
    Again Free in All That
    Is Above and Below From
    Trees to Roots That Stand Love So Tall And True..:)


  2. I was considering the element of birth
    _ How we are instilled with the light of day
    And the truths set before us
    Encompassing the known and the unknown realities

    You were Born with a complete destiny
    What we have is the Journy to expose and quantify
    All of the hidden parts of your life
    Adding them to the beginning which complete the cycle


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