Savvy Raj

Live Life Lovingly!

Body intelligence


Art of life

Is about living

With care and consideration

Being aware of moderation

Everything is best in balance

For excess is wastage

Of precious resources

When body mind and soul

Choose in consciousness

Tap into your body intelligence



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

2 thoughts on “Body intelligence

  1. SMiLes Dear Savvy Sadly Now in the United
    States College Age Youth Currently Experience

    Depression Where it Interferes With Functioning
    Day to Day At Rates of 40 Percent And Sadly Yes

    60 Percent With Anxiety That Causes Difficulty
    Functioning Even More

    Sadly 10 Percent
    Yes with Ideation

    of Suicide In A Study
    Done At Yale My FRiEnD

    A Prestigious School An Ivy
    League One Where Close to
    25 Percent of the School At Over
    1000 Students Signed Up For A Class

    On How to Gain Happiness in Life a Dire
    Situation in the United States Indeed in the

    Class A Best Advice Was to Commune With Other
    Human Beings in Giving, Sharing, Caring Ways that

    Naturally Heal These Dark Days of Human Souls

    Yet Sadly i Hear No Advice
    For ‘Embodiment’

    Where Our

    Emotions and
    Senses Even Occur
    From Head to Toe Yes

    As Without Gaining Peace
    This Way In Some Kind of Flowing
    Meditation Inhaling This Way It is So

    Hard to Exhale Love in the Feel and Sense

    For What Even Drives Us to Raise our Hand Up
    To Wave to Someone And Surely to Dance And

    Sing Hello to A Stranger How Easy This Will Come to

    Be When Balancing in Flow With the Drive Within to Love Outside
    Sadly Many Are Trapped Inside Looking for A Door to Escape Back
    Into Humanity

    New Now

    i Surely
    Did for
    too my FRiEnD

    An Opaque
    Window Life
    Will Come to Be

    Yet Live and LEarn
    ‘The Body Keeps Score’
    Also a Name of A Lovely Book too

    Yet Eastern Movement Arts Yes Have
    ‘Understood’ This Healing For Many Centuries

    Fortunately Now Western ‘Thought’ is Moving
    Away From the Idea that it is only “Woo” as ‘They’
    Still May Suggest in Ignorance of Fully Living my FRiEnD


    No Longer
    Two Ears
    As Metaphor
    Truly Loving Living Head
    To Toe And So Much More..:)


  2. Loving words are facilitators of Your desires


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