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Live Life Lovingly!

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Allow & accept

How beautiful  it would  be
If good deeds prevailed in practice.
If altruistic ways can become  a norm
A way of life and living
If  healthy collaboration became a driving  force.
Any change is never easy

The key to the new pathways

Is already existing with you

You simply have to acknowledge allow and accept

For it to get activated…

And you can embark on the new road of opportunities your way.

To change anything
It has to permeate the psyche
Of the mind in acceptance.
Then there is transformation.
Nothing lasting happens by force
For force gives way to another mightier force in time
Trust time in patience & perseverance.

Everything  happens in time.
Time shows the way
As time has all the answers.

Trust time to deliver

For all happens well in good time

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A fine balance

When progress is a possibility
Perfection is a fleeting moment.
An idealistic illusion perhaps of what’s in the offing.
There is always scope for more
For no one can be perfect all the time and in everything.
Growth is about progress, not perfection.
As perfection is constricting,
Whereas progress is liberating.
Perfection may be sensed and applauded every once in a while.
But it is progress which gives a confidence through continuous improvement.

True sense of balance is achieved.
In aiming for perfection, but in realizing it is an unending journey of progress.
In knowing while there is always more without discounting achievements.

Perfection of any kind is like the tight rope walking performer
The mere fraction of second when moments seem perfectly orchestrated with no lose of Balance
Glimpses of perfection are points of motivation
And progress is about a never-ending journey of improvements
For life goes on…




Creative flow…

Travelling in Creativity

Travelling light
Flowing free
Musings in the mulling
Limitless abundance
Unparalleled potential

Beyond bars, timeless
Harmony in syñchromy
Unassuming uniqueness
Unrelated ubiquitous




In the stillness of the now

Is a divine orchestration.

Of the rapturous flow

Of the beauty of nature

And its wonder in awe!

All is peace All is well!