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A fine balance

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When progress is a possibility
Perfection is a fleeting moment.
An idealistic illusion perhaps of what’s in the offing.
There is always scope for more
For no one can be perfect all the time and in everything.
Growth is about progress, not perfection.
As perfection is constricting,
Whereas progress is liberating.
Perfection may be sensed and applauded every once in a while.
But it is progress which gives a confidence through continuous improvement.

True sense of balance is achieved.
In aiming for perfection, but in realizing it is an unending journey of progress.
In knowing while there is always more without discounting achievements.

Perfection of any kind is like the tight rope walking performer
The mere fraction of second when moments seem perfectly orchestrated with no lose of Balance
Glimpses of perfection are points of motivation
And progress is about a never-ending journey of improvements
For life goes on…




Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

One thought on “A fine balance

  1. This is What is So Lovely About Existence Dear Savvy
    Perfection Being Impossible For If Perfection Exists

    FLoWeRS No Longer
    Unfold in Greater

    Beauty mY FRiEnD

    Always Room For Improving
    in Balancing Dances And Songs

    And All the Rest Life Comes to Co-Create

    Even Machines That Are Programmed to Never

    Make A Mistake Will One Day Go Away Yet Meanwhile

    Life is Ours

    To Resurrect
    NeW iN Every
    NeW iNhale and
    Exhale of Another
    Us to Improve Even More…

    Always The Beginning
    Always Starting Never
    Finishing or Ending At

    Least For Now For Real Newly
    As Our Wings Attain More Feathers Free..:)


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