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Living or just existing…

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It’s never just about existence
There is always more
To life and living.

Something  in the offing
Something  in the sensing
Something  that’s not yet palpable

To think we exist for ourselves
Is to have never existed to all
Forget about living life.
We thrive most
When we help each other thrive
That way we sustain  our thriving

Life is meant to be lived & loved
For all that matters in the end is
Have we lived or just existed?



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

One thought on “Living or just existing…

  1. i FeeL it Must Most Always
    Feel Like a Golden Age to
    Set SPiRiTS Free Teaching

    Dancing as You Do Dear Savvy
    Truly Moving Connecting Co-Creating
    THiS WaY So Much More Than Just A COG

    iN A Machine And Not Having to Wait So Long
    in A Golden Age of Child Eye’s of Playing With Other

    Human Beings Again

    To Set Us All Free

    With Wings As Wind

    We Become to Be Again So Free ‘i Am’…

    Without the Human Touch Working Together
    Warm Each Day Together We Lose Humanity For Real
    No Longer Moving Connecting Co-Creating Wings THiS WaY to ‘See’..:)


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