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I like…


I like ….

The old world charm of an elegant  Foxtrot 

The  magic in gliding  to a whirling  Waltz

The  tantalising  passion of a Tango

The sizzling chemistry  in a  Rumba

The gay abandon of a Samba

The freedom and gaiety of a Jive 

The  spiritedness and fun of Swing

The stylish charms of the Cha Cha cha  

The sensuality and speed of Salsa

The teasing hips moving to a Bachata

The synergy of a march in a Merengue

The flamboyant  frills of a Flamenco.

I like it all and more 

And yet most of all I like the simple joy of dancing naturally. 

I like…

The touch of pen to paper

The flow of colour on canvas

The smell of a brand new book

The joy of reading  and writing

The rhythm of rhyming stanzas

The soulfulness of a profound poem

I like …

The smiling eyes of a happy child 

In the joy of holding a present unopened 

The caring ways of friends so dear

The warmth of a genuine  smile.

I like…

The peace in every mindful moment acknowledged…

The morning walk on a sandy beach

The  gentle waves embracing my feet

The smell of the first rain invigorating a patch of earth

The fragrance of jasmine  flowers 

The whiff of warm enchanting  woods

The chirping of birds in the trees nearby

The caress of a  breeze so cool

The  chill of winters day

The twinkling of the stars on  a clear night sky 

The passion play of a full moons day 

The dancing lights of twilight  

The shimmering moonlight on a tranquil  lake

The magic of morning break at dawn 

The enthralling evening shadows playing at dusk

The enchantment  and rapture of a saxophone 

The twang and elan of a accoustic guitar

 I like…

The smell of fresh ground coffee waiting to be sipped 

The aroma of baked goodies out  from a hot oven

The melt in the mouth bite of a dutch truffle cake

The steaming cup of tea on a cold winters day 

The tinge of a touch of warmth of ginger 

The  spice n flavour of aromatic cinnamon

The  chewy goodness of a oats and raisin cookie

The crispiness of a chocolate chip cookie 

The quench of thirst from a pure glass of  water 

I like  it all and so much more…

Yes there is so much in life to like and love

The list is endless! And I am pretty sure  it is the same with you  :))


 ‘This is a mindful and gratefulness practise that I do every once in a while …. What we like may be very unique and may change with time, but that is not as important as acknowledging it . Gradually we learn to see the bliss in the blessings. To acknowledge the simple pleasures of life and living is to know its worth .Try to make your own list … adding as you go along and you will soon have so much to be thankful for that you learn to live like this moment is completely worth it and never take a moment of life for granted.’ Savvy

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Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

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  1. I love to kindly recieve your sweet & wise blessings


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