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Spirit of Resilience

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The calm’th of the sea terrifies me

As I walk in the waters engulfing my knee,

Not a single wave does ride

Just as if no flicker of hope is left for me to pride


There is the memory of all that is conceded

Of all that is seemingly  receded.

But I will not have me capitulating

In  despair however frustrating

Even though the future may look bleary

never for once my trust and hope will vary.


Though I thought my spirit had reached the point of going berserk

My muddled mind prefers  fortitude even in momentary oblivion than to it havoc wreck.

My abode once a cynosure of a loving hearts, is now wrecked in the debacle.

To what heights can resilience tackle?

Of troubles that seem to reach the welkin ,

Of travail through fathomless depths yet in the making?

Yet  I do not seethe! I do not seethe!

Savvy Raj


Artwork by Savvy Raj  Title : ‘Spirit Of Resilience ‘

The above artwork titled  ‘Spirit of Resilience ‘   is about arising with your inner strength amidst the chaos  and finding  and building strength in the each other to bloom again . The Spirit of Resilience ‘   has been  has been in my thoughts after hearing the news of the earthquake in Nepal  and India  and so many other areas. . My heart goes out to the lives lost, stuck under the rubble or engulfed by the water,  and to the hapless vicitims of  war  atrocities  or flooding or droughts  across the world .

My heartelt  homage to the spirit of resilience in the people that overcome all odds ….  all the disasters and calamities whether it may be the earthquake which shook Japan, Nepal  earlier , or the recent  Chennai Deluge closer home .

We are one soul in many bodies , the spirit of tenacity carries us through beyond the unsumountable odds !With deep belief in the power of positive heartfields I request my readers to please join me from where you are  in  heartfelt  prayers  for restoring hope and faith to those in the affected zones  .

Spirit of Resilience by Savvy Raj



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

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