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Blending in…

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Blending in
If you visit a new place as a tourist
Would you prefer to blend in
Such that you are almost  invisible…
Or would you be someone
Who would  prefer  to be noticed,
For your differences
And draw attention of others

Being able to blend in can often be a blessing in disguise.
As you look like you have been there and are aware of their ways of life.
You don’t stick out like a sore thumb.
Or behave as if you are out of place.
You tend to draw less attention  perhaps, but there in is your safety in new locales.
You are adaptable and accepting of  the new culture.
For some  it’s really  easy
For some  it’s truly difficult
For they are by nature noticeable
Whether they like it or not!

What is your take on this…
Have you ever tried to blend in or stand out from the crowd

How has your experiences of  traveling been so far  ? Do share.



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

One thought on “Blending in…

  1. Oh Lord Dear Savvy on the Autism Spectrum

    So Hard to Blend in Before i Could Speak Until

    Four So Difficult to Blend in When i Stuttered

    Such A Challenge to Frown Always When i Was

    Told Boys Aren’t Allowed

    to Smile Oh the

    List Goes On and

    On Until i Finally

    Decided to Just Be me

    Yet It’s True in This World or That

    World You Only Get to Do that if One is Truly Free

    Honestly Now i’m Glad i’ll Never Fit in A World

    That Only


    And Talks

    For the Song took Away
    The Stuttering and the
    Dance Took Away the Fear

    What i Find is When i Treat Everyone Kindly
    No Matter Who They Are and How Different
    They May Be than me and Everyone Else

    Generally Speaking That’s Enough
    to Fit in HeART SPiRiT SoUL Now

    No Matter Differences New

    in Appearances


    Or Style
    of Communicating

    Of Course if i Went to a Different Place
    in the World Just Like When i Went to School
    And Went to Work for Grades and Pay Conformity

    Is A Reality if
    Ya Wanna


    Yet Being
    me is A
    Requirement Free to Thrive

    So i Continue to Thrive WHeRE i am

    WHeRE Kindness is Truly An Only
    Common Element i Need to Fit it..:)


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