Savvy Raj

Live Life Lovingly!


Says it all.

All is in the journey of self discovery

The simple act of nourishing

The soul temples we live in…

Bringing balance, harmony

And happiness in and around us.





One of the wonders of creation

An assurance of abundance

Sign of the generosity of nature

Of the power of perseverance.

To embed and emerge

Against all odds

The seeds of creation

Are strewn far and wide

To be nourished and evolved

In hope for the morrow.

As the seasons change

Life faces the brunt of many storms

What was once fresh and green

Becomes withered yet wise

While time and tide waits for none.

As experience of living

Leaves many lessons behind

Life moves on charting its course

Learning from the wisdom

Embedded along the way.

Rooting itself into the abyss of fear

To springing forth like a Phoenix

To transform and transcend

The limitations of illusionary

And reach beyond knowing.

So do these lessons sow

Many seeds of thoughts in the mind

That reap rich harvests

In the fields of time.

A kind share a good deed

An appreciative word

A helping nature

Regenerates in the goodwill

Emerging through the ashes

To birth itself in evolutionary plan.