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3 Reasons To Keep The Mask On!


A thoughtful share with the right attitude

That takes ownership and accountability

Right where it belongs.

To ourselves!

3 Reasons to keep the mask on!

For nowhere is too safe after all…

Perhaps it’s best to stay safe

If all it takes to keep it safe is a simple mask

Care to move around with a mask today.

And keep your self and others safe this way.


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

6 thoughts on “3 Reasons To Keep The Mask On!

  1. SMiLes Dear Savvy

    Such A Small

    Task Wear

    A Mask To Save
    A Life During the
    Peak of the Pandemic

    Where i Live So Many

    People Died Just Like

    They Did When the Variant

    Came to India Such Young

    Vibrant FRiEnDS Who Had No

    Access to Vaccines Then And now

    i Receive my Booster Shot Today

    A Third One Indeed in This Richest

    Country in the World Using 40 Percent
    of the World’s Human Resources

    With 4 Percent of the Population

    Yet in the Depth Deepest of

    Death And Disease

    Of Pandemic

    Basically Only me

    And my Wife Wore A

    Mask to Even Church With
    No Social Distancing Required

    Yes We Were Vaccinated Double

    Yet We Still Understood the Risk

    And True Even Though Covid-19

    Is At The Lowest Cases Through

    The Entire Pandemic Now We Will
    Still Wear A
    Mask at

    Church Where
    Folks Are Packed
    in Like Sardines Yes

    it’s Hard to understand

    When Folks Talk About Such

    Heavy Crosses Yet Refuse to Wear

    One as Light As A Cotton Mask to Save
    Lives in Packed Church That Still Suggests
    it Believes in the Sanctity of Life Yet Sadly Not When it is Breathing…

    However This Is What Happens When Folks Believe in the After
    Life More Than the Life We Share As Our only Real Gift Now
    of Breath to Inhale Peace And Exhale Love Together Now
    Freely Breathing This Way Giving Caring Sharing For

    Real More Than Only Words For ‘They’ Will See

    Who We Are By How

    We Save Lives most Now

    If Living Matters At All Now For Real..:)

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