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Truth of movements


True learning happens when we realize we are the teacher and we are the student. And life teaches the greatest lessons without anyone uttering a word or at times in just the sheer presence of a good soul .

Likewise as we dance from our heart without a spoken word and open ourselves to realization and acceptance of new possibilities… true dancing happens!


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

2 thoughts on “Truth of movements

  1. SMiLes So True Dear Savvy

    Dance Opens HeARTS and

    Even Science Shows Now

    Dance Regulates Emotions
    Integrates Senses And Done

    As A Meditative Movement Free

    Escaping Mechanical Cognition of Word

    Think Even Takes Away Pain Same As Still

    Meditation Will

    With Bio-Feedback

    From Head to Toe my
    FRiEnD So often Pain

    Originating in Tension

    When We Are Out of Touch
    With Our Bodies As Body Balancing

    Makes Mind Balancing Same For One Soul

    Inhaling Peace So Much More Open to SPiRiT oF

    HeART As Yes This All Natural Movement Therapy
    Is Shown By Science Now In Improving our Intuition

    of Understanding Both Cognitive And Affective Empathy

    in States of Minds of

    Greater in

    How They

    Feel and Sense

    Life too Within

    In Pain Or Pleasure

    And All the Tween My

    FRiEnD So True Dance Allows
    Us to “Paint With All the Colors of the Wind”

    And If Anyone Does Their Best to Bring Us Down

    We Have The Tools To Rise Up And Exhaust All Negative

    Feelings/Senses Transforming Them Again into Peace Inhaling Love Exhaling

    As Both A Free Dance And Song Will Do This So Freely NoW in Effortless Ease

    of Flow Sweet Spot Tween Apathy and Anxiety Always Achieving More Potential Now

    In Complexity

    And Simplicity

    As Well mY FRiEnD…

    True As Concise

    As Inhaling



    Love Again mY FRiEnD..:)


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