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Gifts of feelings

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In the myriad moments
And multitude of experiences
In life and living.

There is so much going on
Betwixt and between us all.
So much to live and care for…

Often unsaid words
& repressed feelings
Are brimming in the sensing

Emotions have their way
Of expressing themselves
At inopportune moments.

But if we choose to take time
We can channel our thoughts
In mindful awareness.

Perhaps our emotions
Can be our precious gift
To sense and balance the self.

We are blessed with all
That we need from nature
Let’s acknowledge our gifts.



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

One thought on “Gifts of feelings

  1. Ah Yes Dear Savvy The Feelings Now
    New The Senses FLoWinG Head To Toe

    The Synergy of All the Energies of

    Emotions Moving Us Before

    Even Reasons Come to

    Play or More


    Ways of Being

    Even Words Without

    Colors May Be Empty

    Shells on Beaches Without

    Any Sea Life to Build More Real

    Homes of Life to LiVE And LoVE ReaL

    As The Mighty Nautilus Does As Oliver

    Wendell Holmes Suggests “Build Thee

    More Stately Mansions” Yet Do Not

    Let The Sea Creature of Feelings

    And Senses Die For This is

    What Moves All

    Cognitive Executive

    Function of Both Art and
    Science Most Short Term
    Working Memory Long Term

    Memory Retrieval and Focus

    And Attention Span too

    Without This Life

    Going Sea


    Within No More
    Sistine Chapel Ceilings
    Painted All With Original Art

    Of Days Gone By Or Now With SMiLes

    HeART Beats HeART Beats Make LoVE ReaL…

    For Whatever

    May CoMe LoVE iN Peace

    To Life Truer NoW NeW As Freer Breath..:)


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