Savvy Raj

Live Life Lovingly!


Wisdom in humility

The soul knows the truths…
Yet the spirit is untamed.
To understand the wisdom.
It is important  to create space
To allow learning to take place.

Humility is dormant
When ego is dominant.
Humility is patience in waiting
Invoking wisdom in humility



Way of work

An expansive quote on the way of work comes to mind in this now

It’s hard to do one thing 100% better than everyone, but you can do 100 things 1% better. It all adds up.– Jay Steinfeld

A few musings pertaining to the way of continous improvements at work…

Integrity speaks more than words.

Have confidence in your principles

Think of ways to support one another

Collaboration is a great team builder

Working to improve without antagonizing

Take your ego out of changing scenarios

It makes it easier to adapt to changes.

As you lead, help team, to own their work

Help teams to lose their self doubts

Help make their vulnerability a strength

Being understanding than seeming smart

Is important for one and all.

Choose to do good by people all the time

Make space to find authentic resolutions

Create culture to welcome feedback

To allow yourself to know where you are

Nurture, the genuine human connections

Build trustful relationships with one & all

Work will feel totally worthwhile!



On Listening

There is the power of Sounds

Discovered in betwixt the Silence

In the meditative mode of stillness

In contemplative introspection

In the expansiveness of understanding

In the depth of listening

There is then the power of words

Of the vision in the verses

Of expressions in the sensing

Flowing with feelings in the sharing

All vibrations in the resonance.

There is in the power of Silence

Discovered betwixt the words

That speaks the truth yet unspoken

When Silence Speaks

It is good to listen.