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Way of work


An expansive quote on the way of work comes to mind in this now

It’s hard to do one thing 100% better than everyone, but you can do 100 things 1% better. It all adds up.– Jay Steinfeld

A few musings pertaining to the way of continous improvements at work…

Integrity speaks more than words.

Have confidence in your principles

Think of ways to support one another

Collaboration is a great team builder

Working to improve without antagonizing

Take your ego out of changing scenarios

It makes it easier to adapt to changes.

As you lead, help team, to own their work

Help teams to lose their self doubts

Help make their vulnerability a strength

Being understanding than seeming smart

Is important for one and all.

Choose to do good by people all the time

Make space to find authentic resolutions

Create culture to welcome feedback

To allow yourself to know where you are

Nurture, the genuine human connections

Build trustful relationships with one & all

Work will feel totally worthwhile!



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

5 thoughts on “Way of work

  1. 1% change will affect 10% of you
    3% change will radically affect all of you


  2. SMiLes Dear Savvy As We Close in on
    Earth Day, April 22nd, Where i Live

    in the United States We Use

    40 Percent of the World’s

    Human Resources With 4 Percent

    Of Humanity’s Numbers of Living Breathing

    Beings And Sadly Verily It Seems We Pay More Attention to

    What We Consume That Who We BREaTHE to Come to

    Be Moving
    And Co-Creating

    With Each Other Free…

    SMiLes i Am So Happy i Am
    Out of the Consuming Stage

    It’s Amazing How Much More Fulfilling
    Working As Living Is Giving And Sharing
    Caring And Healing More Than Taking, Hoarding, With
    Callous Harm Towards The Rest of Nature Out of Balance…

    The Good News is There
    is Plenty of Room For

    More Potential

    To Care and Heal
    For A Living World
    As Part oF All We aRe
    No Longer Separate From Being Nature

    Sitting Among Over 20 Trees in my Back
    Yard Listening to the Birds Tweeting in All
    The Trees Dancing And Singing Together
    With Acrobatics of Squirrels As We

    Too Climbed Trees More
    Than We Do Now So

    Connected As
    Part of Nature

    That Way It’s Nice
    to Be Singing Among
    The Trees in the Online
    of Forest Connecting This Way True too…

    It’s Another Way For Birds to Fly and Sing
    Together Free

    In Our
    And Blood True…
    With SMiLes of Course
    As Avatars Circling the Globe
    Through Fiber Optic Cables Now
    Traveling at the Speed of Love Best..:)

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