Savvy Raj

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Wisdom in humility


The soul knows the truths…
Yet the spirit is untamed.
To understand the wisdom.
It is important  to create space
To allow learning to take place.

Humility is dormant
When ego is dominant.
Humility is patience in waiting
Invoking wisdom in humility



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

5 thoughts on “Wisdom in humility

  1. Oh Dear Lord Savvy
    Speaking of Gratitude
    And Thanks And Sure
    Humility too i am So Glad

    To See You Back as Truly

    i’ve Never Had An Opportunity

    to Miss You For 48 Hours Posting

    Thank God You Responded to One of

    My Comments Last Night or i Would

    Have Wondered Another

    Day if You Might
    Be in Some Kind
    of Dire Straights

    A Gift of Wisdom You
    Are Indeed Never to Take
    For Granted Like Angels New
    Now Who Are Real Who LiVE ON EartH
    With Wings of Creativity That Seem Never
    to Cease Yet of Course Dear FRiEnD You Are
    Only Human too And Deserve Whatever Space
    You Create too…

    So Do Feel
    Your Value
    iN Clarity
    A Favorite
    Online Spiritual Teacher..:)

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  2. As I travel
    In another’s land
    I must be
    Willing to receive

    By denying the ego
    We can have opportunity
    To experience each other
    On the plain of oneness

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    • When one life respects another life
      All is well in balance.
      When ego crosses over to assert itself over another
      Without respect for another life
      There is bound to be subjugation than support
      Domination than collaboration
      For the balance is tilted.

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