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On Humility

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Humility is a conscious practice in awareness.
Until it becomes  a way of life.
In knowing  that there is always more
Than what the eyes  can see
Or the spirit can do

The soul knows
To reach beyond knowing
It is important  to acknowledge the space
To allow learning to take place
Humility  is dormant
When ego is dominant.
Humility is patience in waiting
A practice of  humility
In thoughts  words  & deeds,
In listening to understand,
In letting go in faith and fortitude,
In making way for gratitude
In being hopeful in trust
In moderation and measure
Can unlock the inner potential
For humility is full of possibilities.



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

One thought on “On Humility

  1. SMiLes Dear Savvy As i Explained to An Elder
    Lady Who Knows Hehe Perhaps my Age
    A Pediatric Nurse of 47 Years We Met at

    The Beach Where i Danced in Reverse
    With Sea Gull Wings Mirroring Shores
    Waves Naturally Bring As She Called

    It Yoga And i CaLL it FRiEnDS With
    Gravity in BaLaNCinG Force of
    Mind and Body Whole SoUL

    Anyway Her Life Had Brought
    Her to a Place of Distrust of Humanity

    As Often Individual Experiences Color Life
    THiS WaY in More BLacK And White Absolutes

    of A Few Bad Apples Rot the Entire Bucket of Humanity

    Anyway i Explained
    to Her my Bucket
    List to Check-Off

    Was to Become Less
    Than A Grain of Sand

    As From This Level of Meek
    Humility There is So Much More
    To Love Above Becoming A Real
    Mountain of Human Love Just to
    Give Share Care And Heal For Free…

    Of Course Mileage Varies Depending on
    Make, Model, Vessel, And Vehicle of NaTuRE
    And NuRTuRE That Makes the Being Human Who We aRe
    And Who We May Come to Be Seeing the Potential of Change


    mY FRiEnD
    With SMiLes

    LooKinG UP
    RiSinG iN And As LoVE

    No Matter How far Below
    We Come From Presently Now FoR Real..:)


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