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Self Acceptance


In a world  battling for itself

It is time to let oneself be as is

Accepting and acknowledging

The  vulnerability of life

As foibles of life and living

It is not a time to be over demanding

Striving for over perfection

To the tipping  point .

For the challenges of this now

Far outweigh the craze for perfection

Time to be less hard on yourself

And others around  you

And be more grateful 🙏

Gratitude changes perspectives.

Making life a little more bearable

And a lot less complicated.


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

11 thoughts on “Self Acceptance

  1. Indeed, dear Savvy 🙂
    We are not perfect,
    but we are perfectly
    on our way of imperfection 🙂
    All the best, my friend 🙂

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    • In this world of the strivers, the aspirers, the sensers, and feelers… Perfection is but illusion… we are both perfectly imperfect and imperfectly perfect as nature endows us.
      Let’s be accepting of our self as we are while being the best version of ourselves.

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      • Thank you very much, dear Savvy 🙂

        I think our consciousness, (cogito ergo sum) that we are aware of ourselves/ our Selves, is connected to the same source as the sunbeams are connected to the sun, as the drop is one with the Ocean. So we see two different “S/selves” in us – the one is our ego and mind and the other is the Ocean in us. Therefore, I think we have to differentiate between the two – the Self in us, yes we should accept indeed and have to become empty from that other self, from our ego and mind, from ourselves, to be able to be one in the One again. This striving, this learning who we are, what we are, where we have to go and where we come from this will a struggle for our whole life and easily our mind will always try to interfere, to divert our attention from Oneness, from the whole (that is why we are angry, why we are joyful, why we are changing the colour of our mind like a chameleon – the changing itself as the whole world is changing in every moment – speaks of impermanence, transitoriness – while the Whole, Oneness is motionless, while true love does not change. Yes, we are all in the making process and many ways lead to “Rome”.

        Thanks a lot and all the best to you, my friend 🙂

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  2. SMiLes Dear Savvy Happy Environment Day Globally As Such By the

    Way Today; And Tomorrow June 6th, Sunday, i Turn 61, And What i

    Find In Life Mostly is Labels Are A Greatest Enemy That Others

    May Negatively Apply To Us to Receive And Truly

    Even in Positive Ways

    Too As Some May

    Suggest That

    We Ignore DarK

    As LiGHT And Pretend

    Our Shadow Will Not Come

    Back to Haunt Us If We Do Not
    Find Ways to Balance That too

    Of Course Mileage Varies Depending

    On Make And Model of Human Vessel And Vehicle too..

    In My Life’s Journey i’ve Seen The Landscape Broad Horizon

    Above And Below Sea Level of What Life Brings And i Try to

    Remember When Others Seem to Disappoint me They

    Are Not Located Where i am Now And True i

    May Not Stay in



    In This Play oF DarK
    Thru LiGHT Plenty of
    Room in For Giving Thanks
    Giving We All Play in Different Spaces Now..:)

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  3. And what is “perfection” anyways? I believe it’s in the ‘eye of the beholder.’ What one person deems perfection, another may deem half-baked. You are so right about the ‘attitude of gratitude,’ as being the remedy for so many mental and emotional health issues. Thanks for a great post, Savvy.

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