Savvy Raj

Live Life Lovingly!

Life & Living


There is an art of life and living
Be freehearted in giving.

Sense every nuance of this now
Express the love of life in this moment.

Tune in to rhythms playing in life
Like the dancer who dances
Emoting through the movements
Tuning into the  awareness in every step

Dance with all of your being.

Connect unabashedly
Life and times move swiftly
Regret never the moment lost in doubt
Engage with this now passionately.

You will give yourself the greatest gift
The gift of living than simply existing.
You will fulfill the purpose of your being.
You will  make your life worth living


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

7 thoughts on “Life & Living

  1. Very beautiful Savvy, the significance of living in the now focused.

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  2. Life is a celebration, no matter what.

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  3. SMiles… A Short Story Savvy for what i once
    Do not Have… Yes A Joy of A Free Dance
    As An Administrator All Stiff and Plastic
    As One Who Solves All the Problems
    of Reason Identified With
    A Computer-Like
    S C iE N C E
    Mind Only
    As A
    i D EnT iFiED
    Among Peers
    Never Truly Mine
    Smiles So Long to Discard
    All Those CuLTuRaL Clothes
    Tools Covering A Free Dance And



    To Breathe

    All that Regulates

    Emotions And Integrates

    Senses All That Frees Breath

    To Fly On Terrestrial Land

    True In this way




    is so Antiquated

    For Real for This Truly

    NoW Is FRiEnDS With Gravity

    God SaMe Different FiRinG Free SPiRiT ALiVE


    Mind Now
    And Body SPiRiT
    HeART For All Now
    InDeed Freeing Seeing

    Hearing Now For Real

    -‘This Child’ Now

    -i am

    -me Free NoW..:)

    Anyway as An Athletic Director
    of a Military Installation Among
    Many Other Accounting, Financial,
    And Information Technology Tasks…

    At Age 46 Then Having No Idea
    How to Do the Team Sports Part
    of it Then… A Lead
    Lifeguard Who
    Worked for
    me then A 62
    Year-Old Guy
    Full Of Energy
    Actually Winning
    All the Competitions
    of Running And Swimming
    Among the Folks Forty and More
    Years Younger than Him Who He
    Supervised Then Always Happy So
    Focused On One Task That He Was
    Doing… Some secret of Success He Had
    as Human i had to find Out… Yes this Retired
    Parole Officer and Vietnam Vet Dancing in a Ballet
    Group And Doing Theater This way too For It is

    True Once
    Again Eye
    of Calm




    Winds in All
    We Do in Spiraling Focus Now For Real…

    So It’s True… i became a Spiraling Galaxy And
    Hurricane too Finding the Center Point oF ALL Existence
    Pyramid Capstone Eye of Wisdom Just the Grace of GravitY iN Balance…

    Smiles… Yet There Are Some
    Folks Who May Never Now
    ‘See’ the Value
    of Heaven
    Just A
    Free Dance
    Naked in Sand And
    Sun Will BRing This Free Breath Costing
    Nothing At All But True to: Freedom NoW

    A Free


    Free From
    Loving Balance
    of Grace Within
    All Strength And Will
    Coming NoW AGAiN..:)

    As ALWaYS Savvy
    Thanks For
    This Dance
    And Song
    For All the
    ones You Give
    And Share Free
    Light of YouR SoUL Breathing Free..:)

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