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Step into your harmonious self


Nature of harmony is healing.

Soothing sounds of the gentle waves

Ease the inner recesses of the mind.

Greenery growing in synchrony

In spite of the abandonment of the wilderness,

Calms the body and mind.

The refreshing smell of the first rain

Is truly invigorating to the spirit.

All of nature when in balance

Is a dance of harmony. 

Align to this harmony.

Sense the joy of the interconnection.

Step into your harmonious self.




Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

10 thoughts on “Step into your harmonious self

  1. Wow your poem and mine today feel like partners 🤗on the same wave length flowing forward.

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  2. I feel destiny has reached me
    And now being in harmony
    Through your care
    My direction in life has elevated
    I feel the cause
    I feel the effect:
    Knowing I am but a novice
    Though this is my direction,
    Continue what you are doing

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  3. Song of Nature Greener
    Dance Of Nature Sings
    Water SPRinGS
    LiFE Sky Shines
    Sun Stars We aRE ALiVE
    We BREaTHE FLoWinG
    Green When Free
    NoW iN BaLaNCE
    HaRMonY Peace
    LoVE Rains
    No ‘TiMe’ to Die
    WiTH SMiLes Free NoW..:)

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