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Sharing one of my musings written  way back in time… came across it in my feeds.

To me what is fascinating about the Artistry
in the artist is the path he chooses
to channelizes his Creativity .. ‘

Every artist is unique ….

Working in tandem with his own techinque

Every stroke of the brush guided in the silence of a visual imagery

Marks the stark passion in the heart of divinity

Sculpting and painting the patterns with conviction

With personal care beyond concern or consternation

Blending in the tones and .. while sketching a grass blade

Molding to the hues in every shade ….

Life is a canvas colorful or otherwise

Care to see the value beyond the price…


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant


  1. ‘Canvas Value Beyond Price’
    Paint Human
    Piece of
    All That
    Feels And Sees
    CreativitY iN Art Breathes..:)


  2. I have experienced your Laughter
    The Joy that bubbles within
    It is pleasant as I behold

    As I see, you are
    And yet will be
    Amuse of color “devine”

    Messenger of mine
    Declare them unto me
    The reds the blues the greens

    Lay not my soul to waist
    But fill with understanding
    With grace to move

    Energy upon Energy
    Life upon Life
    Care begets Care

    31 Lloyd

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