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Circle of life & living


Life and businesses

Circle of life and living
Nature leaves many lessons
The falling  leaves
Are an excellent metaphor…

Learning to let go
In  hope, trust and faith
Of the balance the circle
Is an indicator of the adaptability.

Business is a big leap of faith
In every business
That has thrived  and survive
Inspite of the changing seasons.

Seeds to a plant
Plant to a tree
Trees begin maturing
Like life is meant to flow….

Buisness too are meant to grow
As the processes are strengthened
Nourishing &nurturing the foundation
Harnessing synergies  in the energies.

There is growth in the momentum.
There are dependences and beliefs
But like the nature of life
Old has to make space for the new…

To flourish and sustain
The seasonal setbacks
And survive the storms
In the winds of changes.

In the blooming and blossoming
There in is the budding of new ideas
Like ideas that flow by nurturing
Life is meant to flow…by nature
Such is the circle of life and living.

These verses came forth after reading  a very thoughtful share by my dear friend @Ali Anani , who mentioned rightly so that the post might be of interest  to me…. so to him  dedicate this post in gratitude 🙏


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

7 thoughts on “Circle of life & living

  1. Beautiful words to capture your pictures Savvy as you leaf us a special message of life’s lessons.
    ❤️ Cindy

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sometimes the pictures may lead my words
      Sometimes the verses may lead the way
      But what truly matters to me is the message of hope and perseverance.
      Thats touches another.
      For then the verses and vision have danced in tandem
      With another resonant heart ❤
      Thank you Cindy 😊
      Would love to connect more in time with you too.🙏

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  2. As momentum slows, We begin to fade
    I have thought It is mine, The Sun as it warms
    The earth does turn and as so leads me away
    So I may learn to share and momentum reengages

    We must learn from the seed
    For It continues to grow through night and through day
    It’s Life cycle is set and it fulfills the duty as assigned
    Are we less important than they or our seed less potent
    The things of life seem to prevent us but true life will not

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  3. SMiLes Now
    Only Building
    Freedom in
    Only Business
    To Create is
    A Making
    But of
    i used to
    Live in
    Place’ Too
    As it’s Culture
    How We aRe
    Do as
    To Whatever Dreams or
    Stagnates in Fruition🎶

    How Far
    Living Pond🙏


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