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To all the wonderful  stars
That shine their light
Your Brilliance  brightens  the way
Keep sharing and shining
Ever so brightly
For your words can make another’s day!

Here’s to all my wonderful  friends  old and new joining  me here on WordPress
Shine on!

Shanghai Calling

Hello Readers,

WordPress has been a great source of support for not only writing away our thoughts and seeing it pick traction. But also in bringing the world just a bit more closer together through these mere words. Such is the power of words.

My earlier travels have been interspersed with interesting personas that I had a chance meeting with and many have become wonderful friends for life.

I am planning to travel to Shanghai China for the first time on work soon. Would love to know if you know or there is anyone from that city here on WordPress. Would be happy to connect if so.

If you have anything that you can share on Shanghai I would be glad to hear more.

In goodwill and gratitude