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Travel Trails Belgium


Friend… such a beautiful word!
I loved this particular space at the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Belgium and felt so much at home there. Although it meant become a friend of the museum…the fact was, there was so much positive energy simply being in it.

Be a friend reach out to care
Be inclusive and expansive
Our world needs more of it.
Care to open your heart and share
Express your hopes and aspirations
Love life enough to live it lovingly!


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Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

3 thoughts on “Travel Trails Belgium

  1. Oh Dear Savvy As An Empath Kinda Person
    Like You i Am Sure i Love Being Around
    Places of Positive Energy too Yet It’s

    True i Go to Very Dark Places
    too Understanding That

    Some Places Are So Dark

    That A Small Flame May

    Light Up An Entire Home of DarK

    It’s True if LiGHT Doesn’t Enter Darkest

    Places Those Rooms May Never See LiGHT At All

    mY FRiEnD

    How Blessed to
    Feel Heaven Anywhere
    And Everywhere in This World

    Dear Savvy Even the Strength to
    Feel Heaven iN DarK

    What A Gift
    LiGHT Will
    Be When
    A Flicker
    Of A FLaME
    May Turn into
    A Burning St Elmo’s
    Fire on A Distant Yet Near Island of Love
    It Makes me Feel Great Joy Feeling Your
    Joy in the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Belgium


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  2. Thank you for thinking so about me as well the interesting reflections on bringing light where it makes the most difference.
    It certainly is a gift to even be able sense that.

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