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What do you see?Day 3





Hello my dear readers, Every day for three consecutive days I have been sharing one of my own paintings from my Artworks Collection.

Here is my Painting share on Day 3:

Please write the first 3 words that come to mind the moment you see it

Every painting has been shared without the title. I would love to understand what your meaning is for the painting. The next day I will reveal my original title and intentions for the painting.

Lets together see if what I have tried depicting through my painting has reached you. Or better still you may have your own interpretation which I would love to read. Pls do share.

My painting share on Day 2 is

Titled : Vortex

Random impressions in the expression.

Signifying the dance of thoughts in the space creating a vortex through the patterns formed in the dynamics of the flow.

Deeply appreciate the amazing creativity that flowed from all of you for this post.

What was quite unique was how many attributed this to flames and fire . I suppose it had much to do with the color red. It was beautiful to acknowledge that every word you used to describe the painting sets off on a serious of trajectories in contemplation showing the vividity of our unique thoughts.

I look forward to reading your words on today’s artwork.



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

19 thoughts on “What do you see?Day 3

  1. Beautiful painting 🙂 I see dancing people, nature, and beauty of night in this.

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  2. Dancer, Ballet and fear? I seemed to be doing okay until the last one, no idea where that came from 😀

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  3. Beautiful..
    Human quest( for more)

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  4. Figures, dancing, luminous

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  5. Ecstasy, Emotions…. beautiful painting!

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  6. This seems to be that,all are dancing
    in bliss.

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  7. “Harmony correcting misalignments”
    How everything fits together (harmos, αρμός, means “joint” in Greek), healing all illusions.

    Amazing is You, Savvy! Through your wonderful art we are offered three days to remember!
    Thank you to Heaven for your soul’s graceful dance with us all!
    Love and Blessings Always 🌞💞🙏

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    • Beautiful interpretation once again, the ability to heal is in the letting go, to align is to harmonize ourselves in the flow… to envision beyond the illusions in the reflections.

      Truly humbled by the kindness of the heart in your words here, but to be fair this has been an immensely enriching experience to see the tapestry of thoughts here emanating from one focal point of reference. So much vividity to witness:))
      In the Bliss of the Bless and in Goodwill

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  8. Dancers, motifs, movement

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  9. Jubilation, Freedom, Intertwinement.😊 Lovely painting!

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