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On Love & Inclusion


A poignant tale of a little child sensing the favoritism by her own father was shared by my friend Ali Anani in his post….

Here are my reflections on this post… which I had initially shared with him privately but then realized that perhaps it needs to be read and understood in the larger context of the trials and tribulations in life and living..

Truth has a way of baring open the wounds of the heart and mind on its path of healing the hurt.
For truth is on its own path of self correction in this world.
For unfairness and
Injustice has to somedayfind justice
Exclusion to inclusion
Doubts to clarity.

When truth speaks
In one way or another
It is important to listen
In empathy without judgements

Truth speaks as it is
In all of innocence
Or in wisdom of awareness.

And yet…
Innocence can be daunting  to handle . But addressing the truth one way or the other
Leads to discoveries of how little we know or of what is sensed & perceived.

In the story  that my friend shared…here are instances of lack of inclusion in a family

Where in one day there is marked difference in the way the father speaks,
When the child says
Why are you speaking to me…

Interesting to note that you perceived  the young child as witty
Whereas another may perceive  it as defiance,or even an evidence of an awareness of lack of inclusion and discrimination at this household in the young child’s mind.
And that she is voicing  it in all of innocence.

What would be of significance  is how the father addresses  this brewing disconnect.

Lack of love can be a difficult  phase at any age especially  for a child.
Let’s trust the universe to show the way for this child to receive what she is yearning for one way or another.
May every life be able to sense  love and live life lovingly. 



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

3 thoughts on “On Love & Inclusion

  1. Indeed Dear Savvy As Rumi So Eloquently
    And Poetically Relates UNiVeRSE Breathes
    Within Us Reflections of the UNiVeRSE We aRe
    As Even Earth With Two Hemispheres Master of
    Soul Right Hemisphere Left Hemisphere Best to

    Serve Soul
    Yet Open
    First to Even
    Find Deeper SoUL
    Reflecting Love As
    God More Fully Within

    Oh to Be Full of Empathy
    Love and Overall Giving Sharing
    Caring Healing Unconditional Love
    Breathing Peace Exhaling Love This
    Way For All With Least Harm Yet Sadly

    Particularly For Men in Toxic Patriarchies
    So Much Of Soul Is Left Behind in Emotional
    Intelligence Potential Not Understood As True
    Core of All Our Cognitive Executive Functioning
    That Drives Laser Focus Attention and Short Term
    Working Memory Plus Longer Term Memory Retrieval As Well

    Yet Where Scarcity Exists And Tribal Wars Are A Way of Life to
    Break The Heart Strings of Males Averse to Harming Other Members
    of Humanity to Literally Kill in Tribal Wars Sadly This is Still a Left Over

    Way of Life
    Even in Places
    Where SCaRCiTiES
    of Desert Life is No
    Longer the Reality or
    Frozen Lands And Other
    Mountainous Places Rocky
    And Without Fertile Soil or
    Long Past Our Nomadic Ways
    Before Agriculture Where We
    Really Are Depending On Each Other
    Then in Loving Empathic Compassionate
    Ways New to Bond and Bind Over A Day’s
    Forage For Survival Shelter And the Child
    All the Children as Prize of the Village for
    The Future All Hands Effort Required for

    Surviving and Thriving

    We Have Come this Far

    With the Power of Love

    We Shall Fall the Same

    Distance Separated

    From Yes A Force

    of Love New Now

    We Rise in Love
    For All Are Fall

    More Separately
    Without Connecting
    to HeART SoUL SPiRiT
    WiTHiN Sunshine Releasing
    For Others As Warmth Year ‘Round..:)


  2. I find this striking at my awareness.
    Being new to the introspection needed to find a better reality

    you reminded me – it is a journey
    Not a destination

    The seances do flare when the fires of life prevail
    Yet we can only from a distance perceive its truth

    As I am stirred within, so must I act
    For the manifestation of such
    Becomes the framework
    For what I see and think

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