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On Adapting


Every time you find yourself
In a bit of a tussle
You need to adapt to the situation

A little bit of flexibility
Goes a long way
Where you bend but do not break.

Like the reed of grass
That bows down with grace
In the wind of changes.

Like water that flows to fit in
Until it shapes unto & settles itself
Like a lithe cat that braces itself in a fall.

This ability  to turn adversity
On its toes and dance with it
Is a valuable  lifeskill.

This quality of adaptability
The way you adapt, adjust or modify
Says much about you as a person.

It speaks of your capacity
To be receptive to new ideas
And new ways of thinking

To step out of the box.
And perceive with fresh eyes.
Without prejudice.

To understand what is feasible
To be willing to respond  than react
To the changes, in flexibility.

And the ability to be non judgmental
Speaks of your unflappable nature.

In responding with composure.

Adaptability is a necessary skill
To overcome any situation in life
To adapt is to survive.


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

11 thoughts on “On Adapting

  1. Love for yourself
    Pushes you forward
    Love from someone else
    Pulls you
    Love from you toward another
    Pulls them
    Always say, “It was Love that showed me how.”
    I am a vessel, so only follow Loves leading…



  2. Yes, Thank you Savvy! Adaptability is a key strength in overcoming life’s challenges.

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  3. 🌍Wind Water🌎
    Ever Now Fire🔥
    Class Of Change🍃
    LeSSoN LoVE Freer😊🎶

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  4. ‘……A little bit of flexibility
    Goes a long way
    Where you bend but do not break.’ 👍🏼😊
    So beautiful and inspiring..!! 👏🏼😊👌🏼👌🏼


  5. It is a life skill indeed.


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