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On Happiness…

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What if?

You are given an opportunity to travel to beautiful locales on work or pleasure ,in a country so far away from  your own
Everything  is wonderful and picturesque…

Yet, you are traveling along with people/ or paired with a person of completely different interests.

What if….

If you are a morning person and they are late risers

If you like walking and they like to rest more.

If you like to explore museums and art scenes and they have no interest in anything art

If you want to experience new culture by meeting new people and connecting with them than simply trying out food .

What if you want quick bites on the go and they like fancy dining experiences.

What if you want to start early and you are exasperated as they prefer late afternoon after a lazy lunch…

What if you are up and ready to go and they take a really long time to get ready ūü§Ē

You like to capture experiences and rejoice in the memories and they have no particular interest in photography.

When you like to have a conversation freely and they are too busy or too silent, you often realise its better to remain silent unless spoken to even if there is  company.

What would you do …

You make things right for you!

Let’s see, it’s not all that bad
You are in a new location….

You realise its better to have some company than traveling alone in some places at least.
You begin to appreciate the environment and yourself in it.
You appreciate others who are around.
You pay extra interest in people and places, the quirkiest, even the strangest and most peculiar  things as much as the ordinary  seem to matter somehow.
You try to find happiness in  whatever you see.
You adapt to things as it comes.
You accept¬†everything, as your life’s myriad moments.
You remember to focus on the positives¬† acknowledge the good in them and move on…

After all

Happiness is in you!

Tommorow is another new day!



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

One thought on “On Happiness…

  1. SMiLes Dear Savvy i Waited And Waited
    For Your Long Awaited Daily Post of Wisdom

    Yet Sadly i Feel Asleep Before it Came at 3:45 AM

    Our Time in
    Green Gulf
    Coast Way With SMiLeS AGAiN

    What A Wonderful Surprise Yes! Yes! Finding!

    It Before Night Falls on Monday After Noon

    With Even More SMiLes True Dear FRiEnd

    You Are Always A Source oF LiGHT Muse

    iN Wisdom As Reliable As Wings on

    An Angel From Above Dancing

    Singing For Real Yet True

    i’ve Been To ‘Hell’

    And Being A Real
    ‘Devil’ THere iN Terms
    of Adversary me Within

    No WHere to Find mY SoUL
    For 66 Months in that FRoZeN
    Place of All Pain And Numb i Come

    Again in LiGHT of Heaven WiTHiN ON EartH

    With Sympathy For The Adversary Real oF ALL
    DevilS in That FRoZeN Place Before What This

    Means is i Divide mY Creativity Still Coming

    From DarK And LiGHT Muse Equally As i

    May Still Come to DeLiVeR All the

    Gifts i Find Around This

    Globe World

    Wide to


    As Seeds Even WHere
    Chaff May Out Weigh

    Wheat of Abundance iN LiGHT mY FRiEnD
    Yet It’s True Not Everyone Comes Polishing
    By The Ice of FRoZeN Fire to Accommodate

    The DArKNeSS

    As Much As

    LoVinG LiGHT

    Unifying All in Yoga
    Way Yin and Yang

    DarK iN LiGHT

    As DarK Becomes
    LiGHT No Longer Separating

    All Is Unity to Worship in Great Thanks
    And Praise Understanding DarK Will Truly

    Make LiGHT too


    THE ‘MuSiC of The NiGHT’

    DarK Muse God Yes Also

    Will BRinG GREaTeST LiGHT iN
    MiDNiGHT WitH SMiLes True too

    Again Marrying THE Night God Yes
    Marrying The Day SaMe NeW NoW..:)


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