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Energy equilibrium


We are made of matter.
Matter is filled with energy
Our life is full of changes
Manifesting itself in so many ways.

Sometimes these very changes
In our lives bring out
Redistribution of our energy
Creating a lack or overflow of energy.

Our life patterns can cause a rift
Between thoughts and action
Between emotions and behavior
Emerging in imbalances

Yet we are each at our best
When we have our unique mix of energy
A concoction suitable to our nature
In proportions of sublime precision

As we give we receive
In receiving there is giving
To balance and counterbalance
The emerging inadequacies

All a matter of movements
That heal in the doing
That restore our spirit
And align with our soul.

This dance of chaos and order
Balance and imbalance
Are part of the same source
Maintaining our energy equilibrium


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

16 thoughts on “Energy equilibrium

  1. Beautifully penned! I liked it a lot.
    It is indeed imperative to maintain our energy equilibrium.

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  2. Savvy is as always an exceptional person (woman) 🙂
    Thanks to such people, the world seems to be better.

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  3. …Life is one special type of energy that just keeps flowing, over and over again, and every day we get a new opportunities to express ourselves, every morning is a new beginning, a new voyage to its mysteries. Inspirational poem and fantastic photos…

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  4. What a beautiful and profound post! Thank you Savvy – you are such a remarkable person – it is like watching a movie- your posts and words – and they always uplift us – to a place of peace. Thank you!

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    • You are welcome my friend . You spoke my mind.. Would have loved to make a movie to convey my thoughts had I known how😉 But guess this is another heartfelt way in my effort in conveying my reflections. Thank you for your generous words my friend. I loved that line … ‘to a place of peace ‘. Thank you again for it.

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      • Many words you wrote spoke to me — like the balance needs receiving as well as giving. For me, i worry if i should just be in silence and prayer – but as i read this i realized that there is sweet balance in sharing and writing and then resting within in silence. Each helps the other – and helps me go deeper within. Thank YOU! 🙏💕

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        • What you mention here is essentially the gist of the post … experienced by us all at different moments in our lives.
          In taking a step to do or to simply be
          And in valuing the pauses in between in stillness and beyond.
          All interconnected and paving the awareness if we wish to, of the wisdom of life and living.Thank you as well for your very thoughtful inspirations & lovely reflections❤🙏💙

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  5. Profound thought Savvy… You added Physics at the start itself… Energy and matter co exist.. and that creates the value of life…


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