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The Potential Within

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Aren’t we often biased about our brain’s workings?
Is creativity only by the so-called right-brained?
Is attention to detail only by the logical, left-brained?
We need to see beyond these narrow definitions
To broaden our sense of the spectrum of creativity.

Our creator has bestowed us variety in creativity.
We can be lyrically logical.
Analytically artistic and much more.
There are scientifically proven facts
Spouted from words of poets
And poetical manifestations
Of empirical evidences by scientists.
The proof of concepts
Lies in our nature,
In the fractals of life,
Myriad and mystical
Yet mathematically coherent.

Our brilliance may shine in one field
Because perhaps we haven’t
Yet truly tapped and glimpsed
Into all of our own potential abilities.

Let’s never belittle the true self
For beyond the facade and ego dramas
Our every cell vibration is deeply tuned
To the forces of nature and nurture.

We are far more than we could ever know
We have all imbibed it well in our subconscious
It’s just a matter of time before the awakening
Of the stream of conscious energy in the flow.

As a dance educator, I have very frequently come across statements like ‘Mam, I have two left,’ which meant they were so clumsy that they can’t dance. Or that they have no balance.

This is truly just a perception…

If only we can understand, there is a dance and a dancer in every life. And the dance goes on!
After all, we all have a heart that is beating now!❤

I have heard people typically talk of the students of arts as right brained, as they are more artistic. Or a science student classified as left brained and logical.

However, thankful the world now is waking up to understand there is so much more to people beyond these biased compartmentalization. When we begin to see beyond our limited beliefs,, we open ourselves to the potential within.

Our innate potential simply needs awakening to realize, the truth of who we are and what all we can be…

Savvy Raj


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

One thought on “The Potential Within

  1. Beyond All Labels

    People Assign to

    Human Being Beyond

    All Materially Reduced

    Ways of Our Bodies and Minds

    Yes Before All Limitations Sealing

    of Humanity
    Greater Than
    Any Naysayer Brings

    All Our Human Potentials

    For Most All The Ways Folks
    in my Life Said i Wouldn’t Survive

    And Thrive i Still Do More Than Ever Before

    For Similar Reasons Hawks Don’t Fall From

    Skies And Monkeys Don’t Fall From Trees

    i Continue to Fly and Climb Every Day

    A Move Higher A Word of Song New

    As All Becomes Newer Holy and
    Sacred Moves And Words in

    Dance And Song Free

    A New Creation
    Still Coming

    With Every
    Breath of
    Human Potential New
    Now With SMiLes Dear Savvy

    Replacing Can’t With Every Day Do SMiLinG
    And As Far As Hemisphere Processing in Ways
    of Human Mind and Body Soul Balancing “Iain
    McGilchrist” With 18 Commercial Free Volumes
    on YouTube Provides a Most Modern Assessment

    of How Our Minds Process Reality Now From Left to
    Right And Right to Left Hemispheres as In All Stuff New

    Yang and Yin Key is Using Rather Than Losing in Balance For Real So Many
    Potentials So very little Used Just For Not Journeying to New Worlds to Explore

    By SouL

    Left Right
    Above Yes So
    Below Within
    Inside Outside
    And All Around More..:)


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