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Boundless bond

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On the brink…

The world is going through a severe crisis
Anyone could be the next victim of the virus
It knows not man made differences
Of caste color creed race or religion.

The edge of reason

This is a time of uncertainty
Relationships old and new are on trial being tested in every way.
The need of the hour is to exercise caution, care, and spread hope and positivity
Yet there is still hatred, excess self indulgences all across the world.
There is still emotional mental and physical abuse in relationships…

Caught in the knot…

Caught in the knot is often the feeling for many
Where there is no trustful bond but just a feeling of being bound.

But yet tomorrow is another day…

Boundless bond…

May the love we have surmount the hate
May the good prevail over evil
May the light shine over the darkness of the mind
May we stay healthy and happy in our every now.
May we understand the power of words and spread them with care.

Soulful sensing…

What we have today we must cherish…

For a tomorrow that we build with love

For when we begin to see with our souls…

Our perceptions can alter, re-creating bonds beyond feeling bound.



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

One thought on “Boundless bond

  1. SMiLes Dear Savvy Prayers for The Difficulty India
    Is Currently Having With the Pandemic In the USA
    Money Talks And No Matter Taking

    Precautions Seriously

    Or Not Affording

    The Most Vaccinations

    In the World Is Slowing

    the Pandemic Here Finally

    However There is the Rest of the

    World to Consider With A Pandemic

    Still With Limitless Options to Mutate

    Into Something Even More Dangerous Indeed
    It Seems to Me That Answers to Strife In the World

    Start At Home

    Very Close

    To the Living
    Trees We Are and
    In The Culture Here
    Christmas Trees Externally
    Are Risen And Multi-Colored
    With Lights If Only People Will Come
    to Understand That Not Only Are We Living
    Trees Yet Christmas Trees Within That May
    Be Multi-Colored Always More Now As We


    With Bio-Feed Back of Our Emotions
    We Feel and Sense As Meditation And
    Particularly A Free

    Meditation of

    Moving Dance
    Brings For True Our
    Larger View Minds Work
    In Right Brain Metaphor
    Of Pictures And Energy that
    Comes In From Head to Toe

    Through All Senses And Feelings

    We Experience as The Energy We Both
    Feel And Sense And Give And Share As Well

    At Best Positive Energy We Help Co-Create Within

    Yes to Color And Light Up Our Christmas Tree Within

    Anew Year ‘Round Means More Fuel To Give and Share

    Caring In All We Do Next iN Actions of Positive Connections More

    And of Course Firing Colors More of Emotions iN IMAGiNaTioN True Now too..:)


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