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On Compassion


Compassion is all about acceptance

It is inclusiveness in expansiveness

It is acknowledgement in patience.

Its not just a virtue.

It is about being kind to all beings.

It is about consistency of practice

It is heartfelt embodied action.

Such is soul of compassion.


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

5 thoughts on “On Compassion

  1. True words, well said.

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  2. What Does A Dog’s
    Paw Hand-in Paw
    With A Human Hand

    Feel Yes Love Dear Savvy

    As Material Reductionists

    Will Measure it in Terms Like

    Oxytocin A Neurohormone That

    Brings The Real Feeling of Emotion That

    Is Love That All Mammals Bred By Love

    Of Mother’s Breast Feed to Come to Be

    This Milk
    Of Loving



    It Used to Be
    That Material Reductionist
    Folks Said Animals Other Mammals
    Don’t Have a Capacity to Love Before

    Ironically They Could See We Have the
    Same Small Part of Love That Generates
    The Feeling the Oxytocin That Sadly
    Dogs Will Wire Even More than

    Humans as All of Life

    In Compassion

    Is A Muscle

    Of Love

    in Kindness

    That We Either use

    Or Lose As Real Religion

    As Such The Actual Acts of

    Kindness We Bring Without Expect of
    Return That Even Science Shows Now

    Brings Happiness For Months As Dogs

    Understand Bliss is Being Loyal FRiEnDS

    Always Forgiving With An Outreached Paw of Love

    And It’s Worth Noting Dogs Don’t Have to Read or
    Write Or Own Any Bible of Life Inbred This Love Is

    at Mother’s Breast of Feeding Love The Fire of Love At STarT Connecting..:)

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