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All of You Matters

As an employer, recruiting the right people for the job is extremely crucial for a successful recruitment.

While hiring
Your degrees may not matter that much
As much as…
Your integrity, sense of ownership and dedication at work.
Yes, the employers are seeking all of you, beyond the certifications
Your drive, your ability &  your commitment
Is visible in all that you say & do.

For it truly does not matter where you come from or what you know,
What matters is what you do with what you know.

Build the self to be aware, empathic and emotionally  intelligent beyond your degrees and specialization.

For even if degrees get you the job
It is your ability & adaptability that keeps you there.

Savvy Raj


Springwell of Creativity

Immense is the power of creative movements to balance the body mind and spirit.  

 We are all creative beings.We need to honour our creativity we need to find avenues to let go express and share what comes natural to us. In that is a healing and restoring beyond compare…


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Razor’s Edge 

On the razors edge , there is poignant elegance.

Beautiful poise, precariously in balance.

Amidst the fury of the fire raging beneath.

She stand resolute in her calmth.

Not helpless but in knowing nature’s ways.

That in time, all is well back to base.

Beauty on the outside burns off into the ember,

Leaving an ashen pile of dust to remember.

Yet deluding the fury in being uprooted,

In the strength of the grounding firmly rooted,

Leaving an evergreen picture of poise,

She has that stoic stance of grace.

A pose of composure on destiny’s face.

In spite of a life abruptly denied,

She is the beauty of grace personified !

Savvy Raj

My above verses are my  humble dedication to all those life’s living and lived in inspiring ways inspite of calamity despair pain and loss. Inspite of unsurrmountable odds stacked against them,  those without hope who project unending verve and ebullience to live life in every moment.

  A heartfelt offering of respect and salute  to  the undying spirits of those who even in the knowing the evening is near still retain and  emanate the light of dawn in their hearts.   

Savvy Raj

The stunning capture of the Cherry blossom Tree on Mount Fuji in Japan

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