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Live Life Lovingly!


Springwell of Creativity

Immense is the power of creative movements to balance the body mind and spirit.  

 We are all creative beings.We need to honour our creativity we need to find avenues to let go express and share what comes natural to us. In that is a healing and restoring beyond compare…


To Be


Fractal Art of Being

 Savvy Raj

To be in every now has infinite potential.

When every thought arises from abundance substantial.

You can be an impactor or the collaborator.

 You can be a follower or followed.

You can be a connector or a commentator.

 You can be a trendsetter or a team player.

You can buzz from post to post sharing the creative wonder.

You can spread the sweetness while pausing to ponder.

You can be a soulful voice with a singular vision.

 You can hum the song of your soul in passion.

 You can buzz on the music in the being.

You can tap into the rhythm of a distant drumming.

Your purpose is ordained, as time will tell in the living.

Your path is in your heart unfolding in the giving.

 You can be all that you are meant to be.

Your choice rests with you for you to see.

In every rise and fall

It is the power ‘to be'(e) that gives it all.

To share in the learning

And learn in the sharing.

To value another’s ways to be

To share joy in the being is to be

All this and more emanates from this beautiful verb ‘To be’

Celebrating the now is a great way to be

Savvy Raj

About Me:

In the spirit of Thanksgiving

You can join the dance of life in this now with all your heart and soul

And partake the pleasures of being there in both the receiving and the giving.
Savvy Raj