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On Freedom

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On Freedom

Freedom is being able to be all of you

But remembering the rights

Of other lives to be all of them

When we understand…

Our Freedom ends where another’s freedom begins.

So then

How free do you feel in this now

How important is freedom to you?

Can you sense your life flowing

Or is there restraints that bound you

Can you express yourself without hesitation?

Can you speak your mind without fear?

Can you write without worrying if the words may reveal your nature?

Can you walk alone without a care where you live?

Can you wear what you want without fear of ridicule?

Can you dance the way your spirit moves you?

In short

Can you flow in harmony with the spirit in you?

If you have answered more yes than no then consider yourself closer to being truly free.

Freedom is not for giving

Freedom is there for taking

Freedom is being you

As you truly are

Freedom is living

Without facades.

Wherever you sense

You are most you.


How free are you feeling

In this now?



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

One thought on “On Freedom

  1. A Feather Surfing The Wind

    Dear Savvy No Restraints

    Just FRiEnDS With Gravity

    Naked Enough Whole Complete

    SMiLes This Is Freedom to me

    And Others My Choose

    Their Freedom
    NoW As Well
    Yes With Dance
    or Song Free Or Without
    Life Comes and Goes Newly Changing
    Best Now Freeing All We aRe With SMiLes
    Thanks for Such A Lovely Inspiring Post Yes
    Dear Savvy i Surely Flow With Every Word As True..:)


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