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Gratitude Matters


Happiness may not bring gratitude
But it is gratitude that brings true contentment & happiness.

Count your blessings that life has put you in a position to give and receive from.
Beyond the darkness of the night Envisage the hope of light.

The joy of seeing the flower that blossoms in future
Give thanks for thats already yours
Gratitude heals and shields you from negativity.
Gratitude is medicine for your body, spirit and soul.
Show Gratitude in every way , everyday!

Thank you to all my readers for being here, every day and supporting my daily shares.

Think today from wherever you are…

What are ways I can express Gratitude?


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

8 thoughts on “Gratitude Matters

  1. I wonder

    Soul be cleansed
    From all uncleanness
    Body be healed
    From all brokenness

    And while I mend
    Let me walk in kindness
    Let me run with gratitude
    Being somewhat for everyone
    While for some more

    There is sadness aplenty
    More than enough
    There is gratitude
    Yet, not enough

    So, I wonder
    What is the answer
    As the forests answers to me
    Give and receive more gratitude
    I wonder no more!

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    • This is gem of a contemplation. I appreciate the flow. Yes the forests are all about a dance of abundance but what’s important is to be able to value the lessons from nature and replenish in gratitude than destruct in ignorance.

      Towards a wonderful year ahead for us all the world over in learning from the past and evolving for the better.


  2. 🎉💕🙏Absolutely yes!

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  3. HappYNeWYeaR
    ALWaYS NoW
    For Joy Place
    To Start
    JoY All
    Away Now

    For Giving

    Only Rings

    Thanks Giving

    Within Now


    More in

    Circle of Loving

    Life Giving Breath Free😁💫

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