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On Trust


On Trustfulness

The Way of the Universe is Abundance
It is the way of nature.
We come from it and we are nature.
Our deepest intentions
Find its way to fulfillment in time.

What is important is trustfulness
In faith of the flow
In belief and hope
For as you ensivision
The truth manifests itself.

Stay patient
Trust life
To unravel itself
And deliver in time.


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

6 thoughts on “On Trust

  1. SMiLes.. i’ve Literally
    Come to ‘See Flow’
    As Faith In Action
    Without Know In
    A Conventional
    Sense of KNoW As
    Reason.. Yes now
    Letting Go Again
    Letting the Flow
    Do All the Work
    Observing Faith
    In Action Enjoying
    the Ride For Free Truly
    Hard to Put into Words
    When All Synchronicities
    Come Together in Flow
    And Basically the
    A Story
    We Watch
    Unfold As Us Free..:)


  2. Yes Savvy Raj, the truth in us will manifest itself as well as the lies we hide deep within…
    All will be made made known at some point within the will of God Himself…

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  3. As Children of god,
    Our greatest responsibility is to
    Maintain a standard of excellence
    In All that he has entrusted us with…

    What ever is in our hand
    Whatever is in our pocket
    Whatever is in our bank
    Whoever is in our family
    Whoever is aloud to be close

    Our Lands, Our property
    Our Houses, Our vehicles
    Our equipment, Our associations
    If they all have that new car smell
    That new car look and work expediently

    Your heart is the caretaker of all that you possess


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