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Lessons in letting go!



Once a Crow, holding on to a piece of meat was flying to a place to sit & eat peacefully…

However, a flock of Eagles who were flying nearby started chasing it. The crow became scared & anxious. It started flying higher and higher, yet the much stronger eagles were after the poor crow.

Just then “Garuda” saw the plight and pain in the eyes of the crow. Coming closer to the crow, he asked:

“What’s wrong, dear? You seem to be very “disturbed” and in terrible “stress”?”..

The crow cried “Look at these eagles!! They are after me – to kill me”.

Garuda being the bird of wisdom spoke “Oh my friend!! They are not after you to kill you!! In fact, they are after that piece of meat that you are holding tightly in your beak”. Just drop it and see what happens.

The crow followed the advice of Garuda and dropped the piece of meat, and lo & behold..
All the eagles in a mad rush flew towards the falling meat.

Garuda smiled and said “The Pain is only till you hold on to it” Just Drop” it & release the “Pain”..

The crow just bowed and said “Thank You for your wise advice.. I dropped this piece of meat & now, I can fly even higher without tension..”

*There is a message in this story for all of us :*

1. People carry the huge burden called “Ego,” which creates a false identity about oneself, like – ” I am so & so, I should be loved, I need to be respected, I need to be invited.. etc… ..
_Just Drop_ – this silly “Ego” & assumption about yourself & see what happens..

2. People get irritated instantly by “others actions or words” .. It could be anyone – friend, parents, children, colleagues, spouse etc….. and instantly the sparks of Anger get ignited & one starts fuming ..
_Just Drop…._ this senseless “negative feeling” & see what happens..

3. People compare themselves with others.. in beauty, wealth, life style, marks, talent and appraisals and get disturbed & insecure…
forgetting the fact that We must be grateful with what we have … ..”
_Just Drop_…- these silly comparisons, negative emotions & see what happens..

Some people are attached in a negative way to their jobs, their material possessions, their dear ones..which creates more harm than good..

_Just Drop_..detach yourself.. drop the burden of attachment & see what happens..

Probably, that’s the reason why in temples ash (vibuthi) is given to devotees – To constantly remind us.. we are nothing but dust.

*_We have risen from the Dust & unto Dust we shall return.._*

Stories from India

Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

15 thoughts on “Lessons in letting go!

  1. Just Drop…. says many lessons. Thank you Savvy โš˜

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  2. Very strange . I follow your blog since years and read every post. Today notice that I’m not following not sure what’s the error. Its happen with few other blogs also. Hope days will be good ahead and keep healthy and safe. Cheers

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    • Yes have noted this discrepancy and also some of WordPress updates on the posts published may not always tally .A lesson in letting go there too!
      As to a seasoned writer it is often not about how many posts , likes or follows but the joy of engagement that motivates them to write and share some more.
      Glad to read your work too!!!Cheers.

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  3. Hope they fix the bug will write to CS sooner too. Numbers not makes any impressions its all about the content. The more of thoughts expressions and knowledge sharing…. keep smiling have a nice evening. ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿ™‹โ€โ™‚๏ธ

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    • Have written to CS earlier on this issue but have yet to receive any updates … and you are right more than the numbers, I wrote about it few months back, hoping the message reaches as often those little positive updates on Wp become one of the many motivational factors in continuing to write and share for any writer.

      But no matter, for as long as there are thoughts that string together into words and creativity springs forth, the expressions continue to be shared …
      You too have a great day!๐Ÿ™‚๐ŸŒฟ

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  4. Smiles A Lesson of Letting
    Go is Going Back To What
    We aRe Naked Dancers
    And Singers
    of The Brown
    Ground Blue
    Skies Water
    Below For There is
    Nothing to Add But Hands
    Holding Breath Together Free
    How Much Have
    We Earned
    We Forgotten
    A Simple Naked
    Dance And Song of
    Free Born on Date Forever
    Now Holding Hands of Love Free…
    For me at
    Is A Naked
    Dance of Song
    oF All the Layers
    of Clothes And all
    The Tools that Cover
    Up the Wild and Free
    Nature of Wings..
    For the
    And Indian
    too Part of
    Earth And
    Stars Naked
    Free We All Are..:)

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  5. Savvy Raj, By pressing forward we find the answers to the past
    Looking back we remember not the arrows that flew
    Yet remembering the hurts not consciously attended too
    We held to tight and did not let go of those,,,
    Perhaps thing we might need then someday…


  6. Interesting story with great message!

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