Savvy Raj

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Words are mere words
Until we take it upon ourselves
To find its meaning and relevance
Sometimes words leave imprints
Forever embedded in our hearts.
At times they feel shallow
Or, they even feel dense.

Words are mere words
Letters strung together
Picked by choice for expression
They may come through us
May be not necessarily from us.

Perhaps there is a power
That helps the words align
That creates a string of words
That touches the spirit of the soul.

Words find their own way
To arrive at an existence.
But for words to fulfill
Their purpose of creation
They have a journey that unfolds.

Words said or written in goodwill
Need to be sensed, to impact.
They need to be revived
By our heart & mind
In response than reaction
That is when words can help
To make a positive difference.

Else words will stay
Where they are
Unexplored, unknown
Unseen and unread
Unsaid and unwritten
For words are mere words.



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

8 thoughts on “Words

  1. Words Are Like Great
    Coffee Beans When
    We Percolate Our
    Souls Deep
    To Fill All
    Our Senses
    Feelings Soul
    Words Touch Next..:)

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  2. I have tendency’s to hear from a friend and part of my soul colors their words with imprints of past words and feeling weather good or bad… It depends, should we not judge word in it’s present meaning and not by the colored past…

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    • Our nature of being
      Our assumptions
      Our notions are all interconnects
      Of life and living
      Each feeds off
      From the energies
      In tapestry of thoughts
      Felt and expressed
      Through words
      That form in the sensing.
      Of the life and its experiences.
      There is always a reason why
      For everything has a reason
      To be.


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