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The Art of Slow.

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Whoever thinks being slow is a weakness
Has not understood its power

In being able to slow down
The propensity to think carefully
To pay attention to detail
To be mindful & cautious
To work with precision
Steadiness and thoroughness
Increases manifold.

In slowing down, nature teaches
Great lessons in letting go
Like time cannot be contained
Moments are meant to flow
It’s own course
Yet the strength of the slow
Is in the ability to live the now
Recognizing the value of life.

There is an art of the slow
Where the senses activate
And creativity enhances
In thinking and reflecting
In careful consideration
Slow is challenging for some
Yet slow can be earnest practice of mindfulness
Slow begets a response than reaction
Slow can be about building up gradually
And exploring the possibilities
Of the potential in this now.

Slow can be a deliberation
In patience & perseverance
With  an effortless grace
Such is the art of the slow.



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

One thought on “The Art of Slow.

  1. Ah Yes Dear Savvy Public Dancing Now Yes
    17,477 MiLes As of Returning This Evening

    Through the Last 110 Months of Doing This

    With Every Small Injury or Larger One From

    Falls That Have Happened too All the

    Healing Comes From SLoWinG

    And Finding New Healing

    Moves in Balance

    For With Every

    iNjury iN DarK
    SLoWinG Comes

    With New Dance Moves

    Healing Even More iN LiGHT Yes

    For One May Always Become FRiEnDS
    With Gravity More Until We Touch The Air With


    As Inertia
    Comes Free With
    “The Friction of The Day”


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