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Travel on

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If you are given an opportunity to take a journey

Take it, for you meet many versions of you.

Along the road.

Some you cherish, some cherish you.

Some that change you and some that you change.

Fear not the travel or the traveling…

For one thing is certain

You come away enriched and wiser in every journey.

Travel to liberate yourself
From self assumed notions
To see the light on the other side
There is much to unlearn and unbox
As you travel yield in to the insights
Travel every once in a while if opportunity arises,

Take the chance,
You are richer in your explorations much as your experiences.
Travel on …



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

One thought on “Travel on

  1. SMiLes Dear Savvy Sadly Very Few Lands
    Past my Homeland i Have Traveled Yet The
    Few i Have It’s So True it Allows Us to View

    The World So Differently

    When It’s Actually Different

    This Way SMiLes Recently Getting
    Over Covid-19 For The Second Go Around
    in the Last 30 Months Despite Being Vaccinated

    Four Times

    In A Way Traveling

    Sick is Like Leaving A World

    Behind And Returning to A New
    Freshly Recovered World Escaping

    Illness This Way So in This Way

    The Illness Was A Gift A Path Thru
    DarK to A Refreshing New World

    oF LiGHT In the Same Home i Live

    Now in Gratitude

    For This Peace
    Inhaling Love
    Exhaling Now

    For Real With
    New Colors of
    Loving Life As Is With SMiLes

    However As Far As Traveling the Globe
    At the Speed of Love As An Avatar All 245 American
    Pounds Squeezing Through this Fiber Optic Cable Responding
    In Flow in Free Verse Poetry to Innumerable New Souls Every Human
    is A Fresh New Namaste Face of God An Entire New UniVerSE to Continue to

    Explore As All of Reality is In Flux of New Change This Way Eternally Now New

    It’s True Everyday

    Is New And
    An Avatar
    Adventure too
    With SMiLes mY FRiEnD

    Indeed Free Verse Poetry Organically in Feeling And
    Sensing Makes the Experience Uploading Soul For Real..:)


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