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Who am I?


This is a different kind of post.

Have been writing and sharing my thoughts and reflections here on WordPress for many years now. Many of you have been with me in this journey off and on and some of you consistently so… and for both I am full of gratitude.

Through these poems and prose my life’s experiences and explorations have often been my muse in the musings.

Just wondering out loud how am I perceived through these words. And what do you sense of me intuitively?

Would you care to share?

It’s simply a self exploratory share to learn and understand some more and I sincerely hope to hear from you.

In return I too will try my best to share my understanding of you through your posts.

Could I know through this post how do you perceive me?

Who am I ?



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

12 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Beautiful! You are an excellent person and you are like yourself ☺️

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  2. SMiLes Dear Savvy You Are Precisely
    A Same Being You Are When i First

    Visited Your Blog 2 Years or So Ago
    And Every Day Without Fail Since Then

    Yes Angel Wings Still

    Trustworthy And True

    With No Weight

    At All Just

    The Flow of
    SPiRiT Wind
    Always Balancing

    THere is Beauty Beyond
    Flesh and Blood The Beauty

    of the Soul Who Flies With Wings You my FRiEnD…

    Do Know Feel and Sense How Rare A Human Being You Are…

    For It’s True in my Life 6.2 Decades Both Interacting With Innumerable Humans
    in Public And Yes Online You Are Verily One of A Kind One Human Kind For Real…

    ThiS Way

    Free Gift You Are..:)

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    • Amazing to read this. Thank you for the warmth in the words. Truly made my day!

      You are an amazing soul with so much kindness to share.
      Appreciate your authentic shares from the heart without too much deliberation. I see you as an authentic expression of life in all honesty no matter life’s insurmountable odds. Appreciate your writings in the comments and grateful for the support over the years God bless

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      • Thanks Much For Your
        Kind And Warm Words
        Too Dear Savvy Surely
        Making my Sunday too

        Creative Flow Connects
        In Ways Beyond Time
        Distance Space And All

        “Matter Of Things”

        Free Verily DiViNE
        In Nature Making
        Every Word Sacred
        Song Every Move Holy


        God in Verb
        Of Loving Life Yes
        God Bliss And
        Bless You Too
        Dear Savvy With SMiles☺️🙏


  3. I find you a beautiful and sensitive spirit, Savvy, one who seeks meaning in Life, who claims goodness and delight in everything and everyone. I see you as a kind and gentle spirit dancing through the world, enlivening and enlightening all you encounter. A gift of Creation, and a joy ! So grateful to share this journey with you!

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    • Honoured by the generosity of your response. Thank you for your share.
      You know Joan, haven’t mentioned this but I must take this opportunity to share that whenever we connect through these channels, I deeply sense you and your kind heart and peaceful presence . Please know I deeply cherish these connects.
      Equally ever grateful to connect with you and share these musings.
      💙💞 💙


  4. The inside of a man always shines through
    In words, In actions

    Your words portray
    In silver and in gold hues

    I like them
    Very much

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    • In the depth ofones soul
      There is a knowing…
      That sees beyond all else.
      In deep respect ,
      Gratitude and appreciation of that light in each of us.

      Thank you for your beautiful compliment Lloyd.
      Thank you for the depth in your verses and reflections.
      Lots of goodwill. Stay well.🙏


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