Savvy Raj

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Heart of Peace


Cultivating inner peace

Begins with the awareness

Of your own breath

Just for a moment

Take a pause and reflect

On the inhaled breath

You cannot hold it much longer

You have to let it go

Likewise to this

Think of all the conflicts

Of the storms raging within you

Think of burdens weighing you down

How long do you choose to carry them.

You have to let it go, one day or another

Why not now, and live free

Sensing the lightness of being.

You have One life one heart.

Choose to live life with heartfelt peace.


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

13 thoughts on “Heart of Peace

  1. It’s simple and realistic way of achieving consciousness, have a nice day Savvy

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  2. SMiles Dear Savvy
    Seeking Finding Being
    Divine Holy Sacred Creative

    SPiRiT Within This Flame

    Seeking Finding
    Being This
    In Others
    True And

    Yes Setting
    All Experience
    Of Existence Afire

    Seeking Finding
    Being This Creative
    SPiRiT This Flame

    Of God In All We Move
    Connect Co-Create All

    We Do

    Loving Freer
    Inhaling Peace
    Exhaling Love


    Eternally NoW..:)

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  3. Heartful peace is the one that doesn’t come easily. well crafted post Savvy

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