Savvy Raj

Live Life Lovingly!

Love & Respect


Life challenges us all in every moment

Yet love is the way to surmount the odds

For life to truly thrive in wellbeing

Making this world a better place.


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

2 thoughts on “Love & Respect

  1. SMiLes Dear Savvy In A World Increasingly

    Extending Our Nature into Tool-Like Ways

    of Machines Of Existence Oh what

    Greater Love Gardens

    The World

    Than Love of
    Mothers Still Attached
    Close to Small Children…

    Yet True CuLTuRE Sadly
    In Ways for Some Necessitates
    Separation to Survive And Machines

    Of Course to Become to Do the Same…

    Where Folks Used to Have Common Binds

    And Bonds of Tradition Now With Every Youtube

    Channel As Potential New Religion With Politics too…

    Oh my Gosh Where Will Human Empathy and Compassion

    For All Others Go

    When Most


    Now is

    Moving in

    Separate Directions

    It’s Almost Like Someone

    is Spilling Boiling Water On A

    Very Orderly Ant Mound And All

    The Ants Are Running For Their Life…

    My Gosh i Am So Fortunate to Live An Existence

    Of Love Giving Caring Sharing Caring So Freely Without Restraint

    Yet of Course in My Mound of Love My Mother Still Breathes Deep Within

    For When A Child is

    Not Separated

    From a Mother

    Trust and Love For

    the Rest of Nature

    Naturally comes so much Greater
    Yet Sadly there is Even A Bigger Picture

    For this CuRReNT Human Malady We’ve Built

    Way too Many Ant Mounds And The Rest of Our

    Earth Nature is Becoming Suffocated Out of Balance

    True The Water is

    Boiling Hot

    And the


    Aren’t Sure

    What to Do…

    i Suppose At Best

    We Will Hug Each Other

    Love One Another And Hold

    On For this Dear Breath of Loving Life…

    It’s What Our Ancestors Did So Great in Balance With NaTuRE ALL

    Still Though Now considering all the Extremely Hot And Cold Dry Rocks in Space

    THere is Still this Tiny Sliver of Love To Live With Everyone We Still Can And Will Now…
    True if We Love the Rest of Nature This Way in Balance A Greater Loving Day Will Last Even Longer Now..:)


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