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Life and Living


Whenever I come across a heart touching action, or a prose ,a poem or quote I will be sharing it here in this series…

Some people make the world a better place by their thoughts words and deeds...

When the sport turns to a dance…

When the feet move in a rhythm

All its own, in uniqueness

Artistry is acknowledged.

An Inspiring life

See, Brazil’s under 17 footbal coach Amadeu Carlos who is “just” 76 years old.
This is called Brazilian football magic…
He proves “Age is just number.”
Amazing skill, energy and stamina.

This above information is social media forward, yet when decided, I wanted to learn more about him. I found that his age is misconstrued.Yet whatever the age, age is just a number, his skill is clear to see and that’s what is beautiful to see.

Here is a (wiki ) snapshot of his life and living.

Carlos Amadeu Nascimento Lemos was a Brazilian footballer and manager who played as a left back. He represented Bahia as a player before injury curtailed his career. He went on to have a managerial career which spanned almost thirty years.

This is how he sums up his country and its relationship with their favorite sport….“In Brazil when a child is born, the first gift for him is a ball. Our relationship with football is huge. We are a footballing nation and we like that”


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

4 thoughts on “Life and Living

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  2. Hi Savvy, Just wanted to thank you so much for bringing a Bright Spot into my life this morning with the message in your post!! It was wonderful and I loved it! You left me a seed of inspiration and spark that bloomed into a beautiful blossom of a poem for me and I shall be forever indebted to you for it! If you might want to read it let me know at –
    Thanks again,

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  3. SMiles Savvy i Am
    Fortunate To Know
    People Who Continue

    To Evolve

    Across The

    Lifespan And
    Sadly Those Who
    Naysay Early Feeling
    Limited By Their Age

    Sad To See The Footballer
    Passing Away Last Year At 55

    SMiles Thanks to the Inspirations
    Of The People Who Continue
    To Evolve Across the

    Lifespan Like
    My Naval Captain
    FRiEnD Still Squatting
    450 Pounds In His Mid-70’s

    At 61, i Still Leg Press up to
    1520 Pounds Giving me the
    Strength Required to move my
    242 Pound Body in Balance
    Of Public Meditating
    FLoWinG Dance

    Now For 15,153
    Miles in 95 Months

    Jack LaLanne
    Towed Fleets of
    60 Boats Across
    A Bay Swimming
    Through His 70’s

    They All Kept Moving
    Like The Rest of The
    UNiVeRSE and More

    Dances Sings

    There is No
    Vacation in Move

    Yet Repose And Move More😊🙏

    This Staycation of Sacred Song
    Holy Dance Just Doing More Now


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