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On Understanding


What you see and I see
May seem different  to the both of us
What you feel and I feel
May feel different  to the both of us
We all see and sense things
In our own unique ways
That is how we are wired.
But when we make a move
Take a step and exchange perspectives
We see, what we missed along the way
Every view is limited in its scope

Every feeling is in the sensing
Change your perspectives
And you will see so much more
Your sensing and feeling will expand
Eventually you will  make a shift
In your attitudes and alter your actions
That is what true understanding  is all about. 

Today the world needs to understand
More than ever before
What it is like  for everyone  else
What makes the world tick
What brought  us to a standstill
What we need to do from now
What can each of us change  from this now
To understand is half the battle won.


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

5 thoughts on “On Understanding

  1. To share

    I will obey
    I will listen
    Then I will speak

    Plainly as a Mountain
    Stands before us
    I will speak

    For tomorrow “Is”
    Assembled from today
    – shall we say

    Not in a hurry
    Not in a disorder
    But as timing shows itself


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    • More than obey, truly listening to understand is often the need of the moment.
      To truly understand is not with intention to react but to respond.
      The best you can!
      For nothing springs from nowhere
      Everything has a reason to be
      Everything correlates.
      Every thing has a past
      Like today has had a yesterday
      Everything is interconnected
      In this web of life and living.

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  2. Smiles As Colleges Are Often Divided
    in Arts And Sciences East in Ways
    of Hemispheres of Earth And
    DiFFeRenT of Minds May
    Be More Right
    Brained And
    As Metaphors
    of Arts And Sciences
    Spiraling Over Straight
    Lines of Books And Covering
    Pages With Walls Desiring to
    Close Evolution of Soul Less
    Torsion And Spin of
    Existence Spirals
    On As Above
    So Below
    Inside Out
    Side All Around
    Some Sit Some Rove
    And Let’s Face It Others
    Get All Around Just Breathing
    Seeing More This Spectrum of Existence More..:)


  3. Beautiful site!!! nice to meet you via the Reluctant poet. Visit sometime and we can be friends… I’m now following you! 🙏 Cindy

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