Savvy Raj

Live Life Lovingly!


A journey of awakenings

No two lives can be compared
For they are not the same
Not even at birth, although they are humans
The life experiences along lifetimes
Decide the nature of the being
And nurture then interpolates itself
And love makes way for itself
To flow into the being.

In the web of complexities of life
The being starts and courses its journey
In the dance of the elements
The being senses the truth of life in the living.

In searching and seeking
In awe and wonder
In beauty and grace
In the chaos and challenges
In the success and failures
It finds its bearings and builds resilience

Every life aligns towards its calling in time
Seeking decreases accepting increases
To refine the process of awareness
In the journey of conscious awakenings.



Lessons in the living

Lessons are all around

If we care to imbibe

Wisdom of nature

Teaches much on life and living.

Learning is a choice we make…

In witnessing in conformity

In wanting to wonder in awe or curiosity

In wishing to unravel the mystery

In wanting to understand it all in simplicity.

Life gives lessons in the living

Sometimes abruptly without warning

And other times gradually in patience

Life is in the experiencing it all…

The dual nature of being

The facets visible in the living

The facades in the making

All matter in the grand plan

Of the Source in the creating

Time tells all in the evolving.

Choose the path of patience

Choose the path of faith

Choose the path of perseverance

Choose the path of trust

All is well as it is meant to be!